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February 22, 2022

3 Trends We Learned from IBS 2022

After taking last year off, the International Builders Show (IBS) rebounded in a big way for 2022. The attendance and overall excitement for the trade show in Orlando was off the charts, as many people, including Team True, enjoyed getting back to doing business at a show face-to-face.  

As members of our team walked the floor, we noticed some trends that will be important for building product brands as the year continues to get rolling. Join us, as we recap the top three major trends that were under the spotlight at IBS 2022.  

1. Business Decisions Are Accelerated

One of the first things our team noticed from talking with industry professionals is that business decisions have been accelerated. There’s a heightened sense of urgency when talking about potential marketing or business deals. Why was this the case at IBS 2022, well we think it’s partly due to:  

  • Current Supply Chain Challenges: Since many brands in the building products industry are experiencing tightness in their supply chains, there’s greater incentive to jump at new opportunities.  
  • More Specific Questions: In part of the anticipation for IBS 2022, we noticed more attendees had specific questions ready to go regarding products and brands. By doing this research beforehand, it meant that residential building professionals asking their specific questions were further along in the decision process.  

2. Influencers Are a Big Deal in 2022

Throughout our time at IBS 2022, we saw a lot of influencers recording their experience at the show, discussions with brands, and informing their followers about important trends. For attendees like us, influencers gave us a back-stage pass to the entire show, letting us catch up on areas that we didn’t have time to see.  

Our main takeaway was that building products brands should really consider incorporating an influencer strategy into their marketing plan for 2022. Just like they did at IBS, influencers can give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your brand. This not only builds authenticity for your products, but also generates more engagement across social platforms.  

3. Service is Becoming the Next King

When Team True talked with presenters, exhibitors, and other professionals, many of them said that offering stellar service to their customers is a good way to position your brand. When a building products brand can become part of a contractor’s team or welcomed into the decision of a homeowner’s project, it leaves a lasting impact.

To help achieve this goal, it’s important to maintain steady contact with your audiences. This is where digital marketing comes into play. For example, almost every booth at IBS had a way for attendees to interact digitally. Pre- and post-show follow ups were on point and brands were taking every opportunity to nurture digital relationships with potential customers.  

It’s important for marketing efforts in 2022 to make it easier for members of your audience to connect with your brand. With some small tactical shifts you would use to connect with IBS attendees, you can get a head start on your marketing plan for the year.  

Let's Talk About Your Building Products Brand

Now that you’ve got a download on the key trends from IBS 2022, Team True is here to help your building products brand reach new heights. Contact True today and see how our experts in digital and content strategy boost your marketing efforts this year.  

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