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October 15, 2021

A Look Inside the AMMO Process at True

Understanding the Basics of AMMO

For every company, communication is fundamental and an essential key factor to maintaining a stable relationship with each one of your employees and clients. The first key step to building and maintaining that relationship is understanding the basics of AMMO. AMMO is True’s process to get a deeper understanding of a client's needs. Think of it as a way for our team to channel the passion clients feel for their business and industry.  


Whenever you are preparing a marketing strategy you need to know your target audiences, which are the people you need to reach. True’s team will sit down with clients and ask detailed questions about what motivates their target audience and identify any pain points that could be getting in the way. Some questions asked during a discovery session include:

  • Who needs to hear your message?
  • Who needs to add value?
  • Who needs to be heard?
  • Who do you need to help your audience?

It’s common for many clients, especially in the building products industry for example, to have more than just one audience. By asking these questions, you can narrow down what audience you want to reach and help clients make the most impact out of their marketing budget.


When the True sits down with a client for an AMMO session, it’s vital that we get a clear picture of a client or brand’s messaging. With that knowledge, we can help clients figure out what they have to say, show or demonstrate to attain their objectives.

“We believe that working with our clients, we can dive into the details and unlock opportunity in every brand,” Chief Visionary Officer, Chris Baldwin said, “and AMMO is a simple, yet effective planning tool to help us do this.”  

Whichever tone or style is right for the brand, it’s important to make sure you’re direct and clear with your audience. A brand’s messaging is one of the main ways to foster a meaningful connection with the target audience.


Once the messaging is nailed down, the next question that needs to be answered is how you’re going to reach your audience. Some ways to communicate with your target audience include:  

  • Email
  • Video
  • Face to Face
  • Website
  • Memo
  • Search Advertising
  • Phone Call
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Presentation  

Not all of these platforms will fit into your style of communication. That’s why the True team works with clients to identify the platforms that make the most sense for their voice, messaging and budget. Our goal is to find where customers live, work, play and where they want to connect with a brand to sustain a healthy relationship.  


What makes the other parts of the AMMO process impactful is defining clear goals that True and our clients can follow. For example, maybe a client wants to increase their conversion rate on product pages by five percent.  

To identify goals like the example above, we’ll encourage clients to ask themselves, what do you need your audience to:

  • Think?  
  • Feel?
  • Do?
  • Do we have a Benchmark?
  • Target?
  • Timeframe?

Get to Know the Digital Marketing Experts at True

Our Chief Visionary Officer, Chris Baldwin, is the driving force behind the AMMO process and believes that the best creative work comes from a deep understanding of a client’s needs.

“The value of the AMMO process is that it unlocks a client's brand potential by going in-depth on differentiators that are often overlooked,” Chris said. “AMMO is just as valuable for us as it is our clients. It helps everyone get on the same page.”

We’re dedicated to identifying every client’s needs because business is always personal. If you’re interested in how the AMMO process works and how it can help your business, contact our team today.  

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