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November 13, 2023

Is Your Automotive Content Strategy Spinning its Wheels?

Is Your Automotive Content Strategy Spinning Its Wheels?

For automotive brands, the competition is fierce. Potential customers often need to go through a sea of different brands until they find what they want. Your automotive brand’s content strategy must act as a lighthouse and guide customers to connect with your products.  

If your content strategy is spinning its wheels, the right SEO (search engine optimization)-based marketing approach can give your brand momentum. Join Team True as we dive into how to create an SEO-packed content strategy that gives your brand more opportunities to engage your audience.  

Can Potential Customers Find Your Automotive Brand on Search Engines?

Is your automotive brand coming up when people use keywords and search queries related to your brand? According to Search Engine Journal, the first organic search result has a CTR (click through rate) of roughly 28.5.% with the tenth position having a far lower average of a 2.5% CTR.  If the content on your website isn’t optimized for SEO, it’s harder for your audience to find and engage with your brand and products. SEO has the potential to transform a plateaued content strategy into a machine that creates quality leads. Here are a few methods to incorporate more SEO driven content into your strategy:  

  • Keyword Research: To help search engines find your content, you’ll need to incorporate terms people use to find solutions to their questions and pain points. Since the automotive industry is competitive, long-tail keywords (search phrases that use more than three words) are a great way to help get meaningful traffic to your website.  
  • Optimize Existing Content: Now that you have keywords, it’s time to optimize your website content to include those topics. The goal is to have content that is authentic and provides answers to the person looking for answers.  

For example, let’s say someone is looking for brake pads for a compact car. A company that includes the benefits their brake pad material has for specific vehicles would have a good chance of ranking higher with search engines.  

  • Make Sure Your Website is Optimized: Search engines like Google pay attention to the functionality of your website. Broken links, error codes, and missing meta data are some examples of common issues that make it harder for potential customers to find your brand. An experienced content and digital marketing team can run audits to identify and fix these website problems.  

Are You Filling a Need with Your Content?

Outside of SEO, a great way to level up your marketing strategy is by creating content that fills a unique need. Many of the people in your audience have pain points they’re looking for automotive brands to solve. Let’s take a deeper dive into this topic with an example.  

When buying aftermarket auto parts for the cars they love, this audience needs a brand and products they can trust. A website that is looking to get more qualified leads has the opportunity to create content that fills this need. To get started, aftermarket auto part brands could:  

  • Source testimonials from current customers to learn more about their positive experiences with the brand. These testimonials could be displayed on the homepage of the website to add social proof for any new customers looking for products they can trust.  
  • Partner with a respected auto-parts product reviewer and create co-branded content that outlines what to look for in trustworthy products.  
  • Send remarketing emails to anyone who has filled out a website form or clicked on an ad. These emails could highlight product performance information that would give car lovers a better idea of what to expect from a brand’s offerings.  

What Content Strategy is Right for Your Automotive Brand?

The path to finding the most effective content strategy for your automotive brand starts with understanding. An expert team can help identify the details of your audience, like the right methods to connect with potential customers, messaging that will resonate with them, and objectives that will tie everything together.  

The heart of content strategy should be amplifying what’s unique about your automotive brand and making it easier for the right people to find it. At True Digital Communications, we can help your automotive brand develop a content strategy that builds your brand awareness and earns you more leads.

Give Your Automotive Content Strategy a Boost Today

True can help your automotive brand speak the language of your customers. The nuances, pain points, and unique needs of the industry can be woven into your marketing strategy to create content that converts. Our team has the digital expertise to connect customers to content.  

Contact Team True today to learn more about how we can help your automotive brand reach its marketing goals.

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