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April 27, 2022

Three Key Items to Include that Lead to Successful Landing Page

For any brand using a digital marketing strategy, having landing pages that convert are essential. With a steady stream of qualified leads, your business will be able to maintain a healthy sales funnel and achieve results. The question is, how do you create landing pages that drive members of your target audience through the funnel?  

While putting together a successful lead generation landing page can feel like a high mountain to climb, knowing some key tips can make the process easier.  

Successful Landing Pages Start with the Form

The conversion goal for any lead generation landing page is to get visitors to fill out the form. For this type of landing page, the average conversion rate is around 1% to 2% depending on the industry. To help your brand reach or exceed that benchmark, you want to make sure that your form is at the top of your landing page above the fold. Ideally, it should be one of the first aspects of the page visitors see with messaging that entices them to act.  

You’ll also want to think about the fields that you include in your form. Start by making a list of essential information that you’ll want from leads like their name, email address, company info, and which product or service they’re interested in. Keep in mind that usually the longer a form is, the less likely it is for a prospect to fill it out. Try to keep your forms limited to four to five fields to help ensure the best results.

Drive Interest Above the Fold

Since more users are looking at content from their mobile devices, it’s still important to grab attention above the fold.  It all starts with messaging. Similar to the start of this blog post, it’s natural to think that easing the reader into the core benefits of your brand is the best approach. However, with a landing page, you want to put those benefits up front.  

Your goal is to capture the reader’s attention and spark their curiosity to learn more. One of the ways you can achieve this is by writing a strong headline. For the headline, try to write something that addresses one of your target audience’s pain points. For example, let’s say you’re an IT company whose main audience is CEOs of companies who are looking to switch IT providers. You could write a headline on how you can be their valued IT partner and help them find tailored solutions to generate interest.  

If you’re uncertain about how to structure the content of the landing page above the fold, there’s a solution. You can save time and hassle by using templates or landing page services to further optimize the performance.  

Provide Proof for Your Brand

With all the marketing efforts your target audience encounters every day, backing up your products and services is becoming more important. An easy place to start is by gathering a small collection of customer testimonials to include on your landing page. You’ll want to make sure any testimonial you include speaks to what makes your brand unique.  

You can also include any quotes or reviews that your brand has received. For example, if your company was featured in a publication or reviewed by an influencer, adding that content to the landing page gives your content a layer of authenticity and social proof. This authenticity helps potential leads feel a sense of familiarity to your brand, which can really set you apart from competitors.  

Team True is Here to Support Your Marketing Strategy

If your brand is interested in getting some help with lead generation and reaching your marketing goals, Team True is here to help. Contact our expert marketers to learn more about how we leverage industry knowledge to craft a strategy that leads to strong conversions and sales.

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