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July 28, 2022

3 Things You Should Know About Creating CTAs on Social

The right Call To Action (CTA) is the differentiator between getting your social posts scrolled past or engaging your audience. You can accomplish engaging CTAs by following three easy steps outlined below to encourage your audience to act!  

Find Your Brand’s Voice

The first step in deciding what CTAs to use on your social media posts is clearly defining your brand voice. Mapping out the characteristics of your brand will help you visualize how you should be talking to your target audiences. 

Netflix is among the top brands that have perfected their brand voice for social media. They have done a great job appealing to a large audience base by coining the term “Netflix and Chill” as well as showcasing their shows personalities.

Set Goals for Your Social Media Platforms

After defining your brand’s voice, it’s time to set goals that make sense. For example, what is the sole purpose of your posting strategy? Is it to boost brand awareness? Do you hope to foster and increase engagement with your audience? Understanding your goals can help tailor your content and decide clear CTAs for your audience to engage in.

Choose the Right Platforms

You do not need to use every social media for your business. Instead, focus on the ones that make the most sense for your audience. For example, brands looking to connect with professionals from specific industries should utilize LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the #1 platform to engage in B2B. Did you know that 46% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn? Facebook is commonly used to connect audiences with company culture and brand services. According to hootsuite, Facebook has 2.91 billion active users on a monthly basis. Instagram is a great platform to increase brand awareness, launch new products, and engage with potential business partners and prospective employees.

Once you’ve decided what platforms your brand will use, it’s time to develop CTAs to get your audience to carry out the goals you set.

Implement CTAs

A CTA is usually at the end of a social media post and makes it easy for your audience to know precisely what you want them to do to take action.  

Use strong action words or phrases like:

  • “Your free trial is a click away.”  
  • “Download our exercise schedule.”  
  • “Get your free sample.”  
  • “Read more industry trends by signing up for our newsletter”  

These entice your audience and puts the thought of “What’s in it for me?” in their head and has a higher chance of getting them to click.

Think about implying a sense of urgency. “Register now before spots fill up.” “Call us today!” Playing on the Fear  of  Missing  Out (FOMO) will get your audience to act quickly to take advantage of your products or services. 

You can also use a unique selling post to instill a “What’s in it for me” mentality. For example, “Register today to receive $500 off your yearly membership.”  By sharing the discount your audience will receive, you are providing them exactly what is in it for them to sign up and save.  

Finally, make sure you are representing your brand voice. If your tone is fun and quirky, make sure your CTAs reflect that and fit the flow of your brand.

Need more help creating actionable CTAs? Get in touch with the True team today.

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