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June 5, 2024

Using Lead Forensics to Market to Site Visitors

Have you ever wondered who visits your website? If you had that information, would it change your marketing strategy? Would it make it easier for your team to follow up on leads?

Lead Forensics is a powerful tool that provides insights into which companies are checking out your site, the pages they visit, and how much time they spend on each. Having this information can help you follow up more effectively and turn anonymous visits into meaningful connections. As users, we wanted to share how helpful the platform has been for True Digital Communications with our own Lead Forensics review.

Understanding the Lead Forensics Platform  

Lead Forensics is an online tool that reveals which companies are visiting your website. It tracks their activity, such as which pages they view and how long they stay. This data is then connected to a comprehensive database, giving you detailed intelligence for strategic marketing follow-ups. With the largest ISP list in the world, Lead Forensics matches the data accurately, removing any guesswork from your plate.

Easy Integration into Marketing and Sales Efforts

The platform seamlessly fits into current marketing and sales processes. For paid campaigns, it helps you see who’s viewing your ads and helps you understand your audience better. When it comes to new business, knowing what potential clients are looking at on your website can guide your conversations and connect you with leads you might have missed otherwise.  

Overall, it makes your marketing programs more effective by providing your team with valuable insights.

Features We’ve Found to Be Beneficial

Lead Forensics offers features that can significantly enhance your marketing and sales efforts.

  • Daily Reports. These give you up-to-date information on who is visiting your site every day. This allows your sales team to act quickly on fresh leads. By having daily insights, you can prioritize outreach to the most recent visitors, ensuring timely follow-up and increasing the chances of converting leads into customers.
  • Visitor History. This allows you to see both current and past visitor activity to understand their patterns and interests. By analyzing the history of their behavior, you can identify long-term trends and interests. It can also help in tailoring content and marketing strategies to better meet the needs and preferences of your audience for further nurturing.
  • Visitor Lists. Here, you can review and categorize visitors by date, and search by job title or name. This allows your team to segment visitors based on various criteria, making it easier to target specific groups with the right messaging. By categorizing visitors, you can develop more personalized outreach strategies.
  • CRM Integration. You can capture information in your CRM (like Pipedrive) to nurture leads. This allows for seamless transfer of visitor data, enabling your sales team to track and manage leads more efficiently. You can also make follow-ups more personalized and target marketing campaigns based on these detailed insights.
  • Detailed Dashboard. Here, you can access all visitor information and use search functions to find specific contacts. The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your website traffic, making it easy to filter and search for specific visitor information. Your team can quickly locate high priority leads and adjust their approach based on detailed visitor profiles.
  • Referring Sites and Top Pages: This feature allows you to identify where visitors are coming from, and which pages are most popular across the board. Knowing which external sites are driving traffic to your website and which pages are most engaging can help inform your content and advertising strategies. You can focus on optimizing and promoting the most effective pages and channels to enhance your overall efforts.
  • Enhanced Insights. While Google Analytics offers valuable data, Lead Forensics provides deeper insights by linking site activity to specific brands and individuals, giving you a clearer picture of your website traffic. This detailed information helps you understand the actual potential behind the numbers for more strategic decision-making.

Leveraging these features has allowed True to gain a comprehensive understanding of our website visitors, which in turn helps us to tailor our marketing and lead follow-up strategies.

The Impact and Comparisons

Using Lead Forensics has changed how True identifies and engages with potential leads. It gives us a reason to reach out, more information on what our site visitors are interested in and helps us see what’s not working in our campaigns.

Compared to other tools, Lead Forensics is more extensive and detailed. While the cost is greater than many other tools out there, its functionality and user-friendly interface make it worth it. (As the age-old saying goes: You get what you pay for.)

For example, True was able to identify a new marketing manager from one lead’s activity. We then reached out and opened a conversation we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The Lead Forensics program is a game-changer for any business looking to improve its marketing and sales efforts. By turning anonymous website visits into robust insights, it helps you connect with your potential clients and partners and refine your strategies.

Interested in learning more from the True team? Reach out to us and get the conversation started.

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