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October 27, 2020

What Size Agency Should You Choose? 5 Factors to Consider.

You don’t want an agency that’s too big or too small for your needs, but one that’s just right. That being said, as a smaller agency, we can speak to some of the perks of going small and why that’s just right.

Factors to consider when picking an agency.

Can I trust them?

According to an article from AdAge, smaller agencies are more transparent than larger agencies. Transparency and trust go hand-in-hand so when vetting an agency, ask what information they share and how they share it. While agencies often have their own unique or proprietary way of doing things, they should be able to provide insights about what they’re doing and if it’s effective. When picking an agency, be upfront about your transparency expectations. If an agency is reluctant to share, that should raise some concerns.

At True, it’s important for us to create lasting relationships with our clients fueled by trust. We make sure you understand what we’re doing and why, and will tell you when something isn’t working well and what we’re doing to get better results. Our transparency, both internally and with our clients, creates a productive environment for everyone to thrive in.

What’s the agency's approval process?

Larger agencies may have a long chain of command to run through before things get approved and launched, while smaller agencies are typically less bureaucratic. If work needs approval or feedback, the turnaround time is much quicker than a larger agency, which is an advantage in today’s “real-time” world. If your company typically works on tighter turnarounds, the smaller agency is likely a better fit.

Will I get adequate attention?

Smaller agencies allow for clients and team members to form close relationships. According to a blog post by Idea Marketing Group, “At larger agencies, it’s common for employees to be responsible for dozens of clients which could result in them displaying little or no personal interest in the client or its marketing efforts.”  At True, the account service, content, and digital teams work closely to ensure client accounts are getting adequate attention and client needs are satisfied for better project success. Oftentimes, True’s leadership team members are involved in the day-to-day work of client projects. While everyone works collaboratively, our team consists of individuals who have their own unique experience and skill set.

Can I see myself working with them?

Oftentimes, companies hire agencies to either support their existing marketing team or serve as their marketing department so finding the right personality and culture fit is key. Ask yourself, does the agency represent you and your values? Does their culture blend well with yours?Culture is extremely important at True. When you hire us, we become an extension of your team and we want success as much as you do. At True, you will most likely know the majority of the team after your first few meetings.  At a large agency, it may be difficult for you to distinguish the company culture and if it’s a right fit.

Are there hidden charges?

Larger agencies often have a larger overhead to cover and that's reflected in their pricing and the work they are able to do within a client's budget. A smaller agency doesn't have that same level of overhead and expense, so while the pricing may be similar at times, the value is generally greater if you look at what the end-result is/will be. Bigger agencies may have the appeal of a one-stop shop but many clients don't need all that, nor the associated cost. Smaller agencies may outsource certain items, such as graphic design or video, but it allows them to work with the right experts for the job. They can pick someone who has experience with your industry, brand or particular execution needs.

If you’ve considered these benefits and would like to move forward with a small agency, we would love to hear from you! At True, we are a team of highly motivated self-starters with one common goal: to make digital marketing simple for our clients. Whether you need increased awareness, better qualified leads or training to get you started, True Digital Communications is here to help. Contact us today!

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