Christina Kraus

Content Design Marketing Associate

With a passion for design, Christina works to help bring our client's creative ideas to life through eye-catching visuals. She is curious, enthusiastic, and open-minded, allowing her to bring magic to everyday life. As a recent graduate of Kent State University, Christina brings a fresh perspective to True.

In her role as Content Design Marketing Associate, Christina embraces her vibrant energy to explore the big ideas that get people excited. She enjoys working on the front lines of marketing and advertising while leveraging her experience with UI/UX. When working with a client, Christina is most fulfilled when her work positively impacts their business.


Graphic Design

How He Thinks – Myers Briggs

How She Thinks – Myers Briggs

Idealistic thinker
Extroverted and excellent communicator

When she's not working, you can find Christina partaking in various art versions – from photography to working with dry art mediums. She also enjoys spending time with her cat, Iggy.

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