Leah Chalet

Chief Operating Officer

Leah’s detailed nature and organizational expertise allow her to make sure all of True’s internal efforts are being handled efficiently. She is reliable, empathetic, dedicated, and humble. With her accounting and finance background, Leah brings new perspectives on how to make sense of the numbers to make informed business decisions.

As True’s Chief Operating Officer, Leah takes the lead in overseeing the day-to-day business functions of True. She provides focus and direction, ensuring that we realize our vision and plan. With her strong financial background as a CPA, she translates the numbers to tell a story in a meaningful way to guide strategic business decisions. Leah values structure and believes that the workplace functions best when there is a process. She helps create balance in the workplace by introducing procedures and organizational systems to help keep processes streamlined. Leah finds it rewarding to see how the work she does impacts others and impacts our company.


Financial Management
Organizational Management
Strategic Business Development
Team Development

How He Thinks – Myers Briggs

How She Thinks – Myers Briggs

Structure and operations-minded
Empathetic and understanding

When she’s not working Leah enjoys exercising, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her dogs.

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