Matt Kulik

Content Marketing Specialist

Matt’s creative energy paired with a knack for all things artistic, allows him to create impactful marketing campaigns for our clients. He is creative, altruistic, and insightful. With five years of hands-on experience and a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Cleveland State University, Matt brings a fresh perspective to our client’s content marketing programs.  

As a Content Marketing Specialist at True, Matt collaborates with internal team members and external partners to ensure project success. Motivated by his passion for marketing, Matt doesn’t settle for “good enough”. Instead, he strives to create meaningful work that leaves our client’s fulfilled with the creative process.


Writing and Editing
Content Strategy

How He Thinks – Myers Briggs

How She Thinks – Myers Briggs

Curious and creative mind
Empathetic and understanding

In his free time, you can find Matt doing yoga, playing video games or enjoying a good television series with his girlfriend.

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