Michelle Kupiec

Senior Account Service Associate

With an honors degree in Philosophy and a minor in French, and Film – Michelle offers a unique perspective to Team True. She is creative, insightful and enjoys bringing people together to set and achieve goals. Michelle’s diverse professional experience allows her to leverage her knowledge of communications to better understand what motivates people, and how shared visions and values can be used to effectively solve problems.  

In her role as an Account Service Coordinator, Michelle uses her organizational skills to keep projects on task and ensure our team has everything they need to succeed. Her communication expertise and natural desire to help others drive her to ask the right questions, which leads to making creative visions become a reality. When working with clients, she is passionate about our teams connecting personally with one another, so we lay a foundation for growth and success.


Organizational Management
Communication Between Client and Team Members
Goal Measurement

How He Thinks – Myers Briggs

How She Thinks – Myers Briggs

Altruistic and genuine
Imaginative and strategic mind

When she’s not working, Michelle enjoys reading, being in nature, and spending time with her rescue cats!

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