Vanessa Gresley

Content Marketing Specialist

Vanessa uses her experience in writing for the building industry to develop the type of content that resonates with our client's audiences. She is imaginative, perceptive, and has an altruistic spirit. With a degree in public relations from Kent State University, Vanessa has a wide-array of knowledge about effective writing and media relations.

As a Content Marketing Specialist at True, Vanessa works to plan, develop, and execute marketing programs for our clients. She has a knack for branding and strives to create effective messaging that tells the story of who a company is. When working with a client, Vanessa places importance on fostering a lasting relationship with those we work with.


Brand Messaging and Voice
Social Media Strategy

How He Thinks – Myers Briggs

How She Thinks – Myers Briggs

Altruistic and genuine
Understanding and patient

In her personal life, Vanessa enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.

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