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Creating your marketing communication strategy can make your brand stand out to the right potential customers. It starts with in-depth research, interviews, online listening, media studies and defining your brand architecture. Only then can you assign digital tactics to bring your communication plan to life for improved brand awareness.

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True AMMO Discovery Plan

Insights to Launch Your Digital Marketing 

If your marketing efforts are feeling a bit scattered, an AMMO Discovery Plan will surely get you back on target. This intensive study will uncover deep insights from your team, allowing True’s experts to bring focus and clarity to your strategic marketing plan and communication channels.

Top Benefits

Identifies and prioritizes key stakeholders
Defines brand story and audience messaging
Creates objectives and the plan to achieve them
Gets your team on the same page

What is AMMO?

AMMO is comprised of four areas of focus – Audiences, Messages, Methods, Objectives   Our team will meet with your marketing and/or sales team to lead a session that explores each topic in depth, covering all parts of your marketing communication strategy. When the discovery session is complete, True will synthesize the volumes of insights into a messaging recommendation and strategic marketing plan, including objectives and the methods to effectively achieve them.  

Why It Makes Sense

You need a team of specialists to extract and process the information to develop your brand story, audience messaging and strategic marketing plan. Your team leads will be involved with a midpoint check-in and final presentation to help keep your marketing efforts on track for the long term.

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