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Public Relations (PR) Strategy

PR Drives Brand Growth, Reputation and Sales

Public relations (PR) and media relations play a pivotal role in cultivating brand reputation, nurturing positive connections, engaging existing and potential audiences, and marrying your various marketing endeavors together. It stands as an indispensable tool for every marketing department to help establish brand presence and garner more visibility in your industry.

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True PR Program

Strategic Insights to Create Your Strategy

As PR pros and former editors, True Digital Communications takes an objective-based approach. We tailor strategies to key goals and messages, emphasizing diversity in earned media. Our deep dive into your company ensures a detailed understanding of your unique needs and strengths. Let's discuss your ideal PR approach!

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HOw we establish you as a thought leader

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Strategic Planning
Content Curation and Placement
Media Relations
Product and Special Launches
Trade Show Support
Special Project Outreach

Media Relations Drives
Brand Growth

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Too little earned media can inhibit your brand's growth and its ability to build its reputation. You miss vital touch points with engaged and interested audiences—both alone and to your competitors. True’s approach to public relations involves a strategic plan that consistently delivers relevant and timely news, ideas, and thought leadership to the industry, helping to propel your brand forward.

PR Is More Effective at Driving Sales

Did you know? PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising in driving sales conversion. True’s PR program focuses on cultivating authentic relationships with editors and your audiences through consistent and proactive outreach. Because PR is earned media, and therefore has a level of third-party endorsement or authority, it lends an added degree of authenticity to your brand and product messaging, making it a more effective method of converting prospective audiences into customers.

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