True Target SEO

The New Way To Target Your Customers’ Pain Points

Our True Target SEO strategy takes an approach that helps customers find the right content based on their position in the purchase funnel. Whether you want to target customers at the Awareness, Consideration or Conversion stages, this strategy offers you the flexibility to attract the right customers to the right type of content on your website.

Many people assume that content with the highest volume of visitors is their best-performing content. In fact, high volume is often attributed to visitors at the Awareness Stage. The goal is to employ an SEO strategy that attracts people at all stages of the purchase funnel, knowing that content with less volume can still be effective if it’s delivering valuable conversions.  

Volume Does Not Equal Conversions

More Than 70% Of Searches Include Long-Tail Keywords

The True Target SEO strategy focuses on using long-tail keyword phrases that target a visitor’s pain points at each stage of the purchase funnel. Once you master this step, you can help your SEO target a broad range of customers at the Awareness stage or a smaller, more engaged group of customers who are ready to buy.

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Want To Target Your Most Valuable Customers?

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