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Can Digital Marketing Help with School Enrollment?

Did you know that according to NPR, roughly 10 percent of students in the United States enroll in private or an independent school each year? For the wide variety of independent schools in the country, getting students to enroll is not only more competitive than it used to be, but it’s often challenging to get your message noticed.  

When you’re trying to hit enrollment goals as a private school, it’s natural to wonder if marketing can make a difference. Join Team True as we break down three ways digital marketing can help schools with their enrollment.  

Digital Advertising Gets You in Front of Parents

By utilizing digital advertising on Google and/or Facebook, schools can boost their brand awareness with parents in the area. One of the best aspects of digital advertising is how you can customize where parents will see your ads. For example, let’s say that your school is trying to attract more students from a select few suburbs. With Google Ads, you could specifically target those areas, helping to ensure the right parents hear about what you have to offer.  

The investment in Facebook ads can get your school in front of the right parents at the right time. With Facebook, you can target parents of a specific location based on their interests. Being able to select the interests of the parents who will see your ads also opens the door to building connections with prospects. If your school has a great athletics program, showing an ad to parents who share that passion increases the chances of getting a lead.  

Digital Marketing Puts a Spotlight on What’s Unique About Your School

Even when you have digital ads in the right place, it’s important to tell parents about what makes your school truly unique. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to do just that with ad copy and content. To get a deeper understanding of the value that content marketing can bring to your enrollment goals, picture the school as a brand. Content marketing can tell parents what’s unique about your school in a way that resonates with them.  

From creating dedicated landing pages to updating your website, content marketing gives parents a sneak peek at what it will be like for their kids to go to your school. When done right, content can give your school an added sense of authenticity to parents. After all, choosing a school is a big decision, and the more trust you can build, the more your school will stand apart from the rest.  

Digital Marketing Lets You Optimize

One of the big advantages that comes with digital marketing is the ability to optimize and change your efforts. Let’s say you’re a private school trying to get grade school and kindergarteners to enroll. If one segment isn’t getting enough leads, you can pause digital ads to adjust them or update the content to create a stronger connection with your desired audience. With more traditional marketing like a direct mail flyer, adjustments like this are much harder.  

Implementing a digital marketing strategy with True to boost school enrollment means you’ll have a team of experts ready to help you optimize performance. At True, we have experience creating digital marketing programs designed to help schools reach their enrollment goals. Take a look at our case study with the Thomas Jefferson School for more details.  

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