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March 12, 2024

Elevate Your Online Presence: How to Update a Website

A website is more than just a digital storefront; it's a reflection of your brand, services and commitment to staying relevant. Whether you've recently given your site a facelift or you're looking to inject new life into an aging design, the True team offers some practical tips below on how to update a website to ensure it remains fresh, engaging, and up to date with the latest trends.

Review and Evaluate: Setting the Foundation for Success

Before diving into a website update, take a moment to evaluate your site comprehensively. Consider the following:

1. Content, Design and Verbiage

Assess the overall tone of your content. Does it align with your brand identity and resonate with your intended audience? Is it weaving a consistent and compelling narrative? Answering these questions serves as an excellent initial step to determine the optimal path for execution.

In this preparatory phase, you should also evaluate the visual appeal of your site. The aesthetics of your website play a pivotal role in capturing and maintaining the user's attention, influencing their perception of your brand and content. Staying informed about current design trends is essential to avoid neglecting this crucial aspect of user experience (UX) and to prevent your site from lagging behind. Elements like vertical, animated navigation bars, custom cursors, monochromatic color schemes and asymmetry can add a modern touch. You can also analyze your competitors' websites for inspiration, but remember, your goal is to stand out, not mimic.

2. User-Friendly Elements and Navigation

When it comes to keeping your website fresh and engaging, the user experience is paramount. You can make sure your users not only stay on your site but navigate through it seamlessly by following a few simple steps.

Conduct a Small Usability Test

Begin by experiencing your website as a user. Conduct a small usability test to identify any immediate issues and navigate through the pages as if you were a first-time visitor. Pay attention to:

  • Navigation Flow: Is the pathway through your site clear and intuitive, guiding users effortlessly to their destination?
  • Load Times: Do pages load quickly, ensuring users don’t lose interest or patience?
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Is your website responsive and mobile-friendly, guaranteeing a consistent, user-friendly experience regardless of the screen size or device?

For more information about the how and why of user experience, visit True’s blog that details more website UX considerations.  

3. Engagement Elements and Calls-to-Action

Beyond visual and navigational considerations, evaluating user engagement is important in ensuring a holistic website update. Examine the visibility and accessibility of your calls-to-action (CTAs). Are they easily located, compelling users to take action? Whether it's finding a resource, making contact, or subscribing to a newsletter, prominent CTAs are needed to guide users through their journey and lead to conversions.  

Delving deeper into user engagement, consider the incentives your CTAs provide. Do they offer sufficient motivation for users to actively interact with your website? Moreover, if your product or service tends to generate questions, acknowledge the advantages of incorporating a chat window. This addition can streamline the path to conversion by offering real-time assistance, addressing questions and confusion promptly.

Integrating these engagement-focused elements into your website update strategy not only contributes to a modern online image but also actively encourages meaningful interactions with your audience.


Implement and Optimize: Making Impactful Changes

With insightful background research laying the groundwork, it's now time to formulate a plan to make relevant, powerful updates.

Update Content: Breathing Life Into Your Website

From a content perspective, your strategic focus—guided by your findings—may pivot based on:

  • Visuals and Graphics: A picture is worth a thousand clicks! Keep your visuals updated to align with contemporary aesthetics. Engaging images and graphics can captivate your audience and communicate your brand story effectively.
  • Crafting Compelling Content: Revise your written content so it reflects your brand's tone and personality. Consistent, authentic communication builds trust and loyalty.
  • Revitalizing CTAs: Don’t overlook the significance of refreshing your calls-to-action. Make sure they’re visually prominent and persuasive, guiding users to take desired actions. Need some inspiration? Consider these compelling CTAs as a starting point:
  • "Talk to Us": Fosters a warm, approachable tone, emphasizing that you value communication and relationship-building.
  • "Let’s Do it!": The use of "Let's" implies a collaborative effort, signaling that your company is interested in working together rather than just collecting data. This CTA also uses inviting language, encouraging users to take action without feeling pressured.
  • "Give It a Try": Indicates low risk, inviting users to explore without binding commitments and fostering a sense of freedom to experiment with your product or service.
  • "I Have a Few Questions First!": For those hesitating to click 'Yes,' this secondary CTA encourages engagement at a comfortable pace and prevents users from hastily clicking off your site. It enables them to seek clarification before committing, fostering trust by addressing potential concerns.
  • "No, I Don’t Feel Like Growing My Business.": Even a 'no' can be an opportunity. This secondary CTA cleverly reinforces the value your business offers, subtly showcasing what users might be missing out on.
  • Embracing Continuous Blogging: Blogging has a purpose. It's a dynamic tool for keeping your audience engaged. Regularly publishing fresh, relevant content not only shows your expertise but also boosts your SEO.

Optimize: UX and SEO

While captivating content contributes to a great website, the back-end intricacies are equally crucial. To effectively update your website, it's imperative to delve into essential elements such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Incorporate relevant keywords strategically to enhance your website's visibility on search engines. SEO optimization is an ongoing process, so stay vigilant.
  • Broken Links and Accessibility: A user-friendly experience is non-negotiable. Fix broken links, verify accessibility for all users and create an intuitive navigation flow.
  • Mobile-Friendly and Quick Loading: With over 55% of web traffic coming from mobile searches, it’s important to ensure your website is optimized for various devices. Additionally, prioritize fast loading times to keep impatient visitors engaged.


Test Website Updates

Testing is a strategic action that helps determine the impact of your modifications. A/B testing is an excellent method to assess those changes. In this process, you generate two versions of your website, conduct tests on both, gather data on metrics such as traffic, and perform a thorough comparison. This approach provides a solid foundation for decision-making, allowing you to implement changes with confidence.

Imagine you're contemplating altering the color scheme on your website. Through A/B testing, you can showcase the current color scheme in version A and the proposed changes in version B. Analyzing user engagement, bounce rates and other metrics will show the impact of the color adjustment, guiding you in making an informed decision on your website's visual performance.

Benefits of an Updated Website

Updating your website isn't merely a cosmetic change—it's an investment in your brand's future. You’ll see benefits such as improved user experience, enhanced search engine rankings and projecting a contemporary image. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and your website should reflect that. By incorporating these tips into your website maintenance strategy, you can ensure your online presence remains a powerful asset in an increasingly competitive digital world.  

If you're considering a website update, our expert team is here to assist you with the process. Reach out to Team True today.

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