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Internal Communications
November 6, 2020

Tools for Better Employee Relations and Productivity in Virtual Settings

Over the past few months, employee-related topics have been top-of-mind for CEOs and CMOs around the world, according to recent findings from the Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI)

From training to re-skilling and retaining talent, industry leaders’ confidence in managing these issues is waning as the global coronavirus pandemic continues. The WCI found that employee-related topics represented five of the top seven issues on industry leaders’ minds.

But there is hope — and tools — to help manage these issues and it begins with excellent employee and internal communications.

Getting Started with In-Person and Virtual Employee Communications

Even in times less traumatic than now, clear and effective communication is core to employee happiness and success, which can help decrease turnover, low productivity and other issues. 

Through True Digital’s Face2Face Communication program, we arm leaders and employees with tools to effectively communicate and ultimately create what we call your “Desired Communication Environment.”

What does a desired communication environment look like? Research has shown that employees want to be heard and involved, and in a trusting environment. Rich two-way communication and a clear understanding of objectives, changes and the effect of those changes are key to achieving this setting.

During the pandemic, this includes communicating how the company will ensure employees have the skills, support and resources needed to succeed in our changing world. 

3 Tools to Improve Internal Communication

To help build the desired communication environment, the Face2Face program guides you through three sets of tools to facilitate your communication. Before a meeting, memo or email, look at each of the elements to ensure you’re addressing each question.

Start with the Changes in the CORE, fill in the 4Ps and then complete the remaining elements of the CORE, all while using HEAR.

For a more in-depth look at these tools with specific examples, download our free Face2Face Communications eBook

CORE — What to Communicate

CORE stands for:

  • Changes: What is or should be changing? (Organizational structure, product mix?)
  • Objectives: What are we trying to accomplish?
  • Reasons: Why is this happening? Why now? 
  • Effect: What’s the impact on me, my team, family or community?

4Ps — How to Communicate

The 4Ps stand for:

  • Purpose: Why are we meeting or gathering? What do you want to accomplish?
  • Picture: Use visual metaphors, vivid words and stories to make your point in a different way.
  • Plan: What’s the strategy and plan of action?
  • Part: What is each team’s role in making the plan happen?

HEAR — How to Listen

HEAR stands for:

  • Honor: Honor others and what they say to you.
  • Echo: Echo back what they say to make sure you understand and aren’t misinterpreting.
  • Ask: Ask questions, particularly questions to get them to elaborate when you sense resistance.
  • Respond: Respond without anger or defensiveness. 

No matter the industry or business, these tools can help CEOs build a successful in-person or virtual workforce environment and gain back confidence in their ability to manage employee-related issues.

About the Worldcom Confidence Index

The WCI is a living study that identifies important issues impacting more than 54,000 CEOs and CMOs around the globe by using AI to listen to what they’re actually talking about online -- not self-reported data. The report is updated monthly in addition to an annual report. View the August report. 

For more information, watch this Two Minutes with True with Chris Baldwin as he discusses the importance of internal communications and establishing a productive work environment for your organization.

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