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We Play By The Numbers

Does your digital strategy account for constant optimization? Are you aiming for the right metrics? True finds ways to target your most valuable customers with messages that resonate. We’re lock-step with your audience so you don’t have to be.

What’s Your Digital DNA?

Digital programs are extremely measurable and can always be optimized. True Digital DNA Audits evaluate every aspect of your digital landscape and customer experience. We create a roadmap that shows how customers interact with your brand online and how to make it even better. We deliver data that shows you how to get the most return for your dollar.

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Search Advertising

Are you where your customers are searching online? Are they finding your competitors’ pages before you? True can help you analyze your current search program and refine your ads to get more meaningful conversions. There’s a science and art to optimizing your search. True can help you with both.

See how True’s digital targeting found the right buyers for a $100,000 machine.

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Display Advertising

Reaching your audience with display ads is great way to influence your audience at any stage of the purchase funnel. Whether you’re just raising awareness or remarketing your product to a geo-specific location, True can help you make connections that lead to conversions.

Learn how True adapted ad creative in response to the global pandemic.

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Social Advertising

Strong brands are even stronger when they find their core audiences online. True can help you identify which social platform is best for your product type and how to be present in a meaningful way with your customers.

See how we used region-specific ad targeting to recruit the right people for a global network of PR agencies.

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