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February 1, 2021

True Digital Turns Ten!

How it Started

 True has come a long way since February 1, 2011. What started as a one-man, two-pug team quickly evolved into something much greater. 

Our CEO and Founder, Chris Baldwin was inspired to start True Digital Communications after attending a workshop in 2009 where Jay Baer presented 10 things companies should be doing to embrace the digital world. This workshop opened Chris’ eyes to the future of marketing and the possibilities that came with it. From this point forward Chris understood the value and need for a digital solution, and with a thousand-and-one ideas, he set off on the adventure of a lifetime by starting True.

 In the beginning, True’s office consisted of Chris’ basement, Starbucks, and Panera’s across Northeastern Ohio. While these locations kept the team caffeinated and well-fed, it became apparent that the True Team needed a new, and bigger, place to call home which led to the opening of our office in 2013. Just four years later, in the summer of 2017, Chris decided to knock down a wall and double the size of the office to allow for more growth in the future. Curious about where we work? Take a look inside True’s expanded office space.  


How it’s Going

Today, we are a growing team of skilled digital marketing professionals who share a common passion for making digital marketing simple for our clients. 

At True, business is personal. We strive to form long-lasting partnerships with our clients that will help us both succeed.  Since our founding, we have focused on serving clients in building products, manufacturing, professional services, and healthcare technology industries. Not only are we advocates for our clients’ brands, but we are also truly passionate about their industries. 

True continues to evolve and learn how our focus industries are changing to find the best solutions for our partners. At True, we know that digital marketing holds a brighter future for our clients when leveraged properly. 

See what our employees are saying about True’s Ten Year Anniversary:

Madeline Pigott - Content Marketing Associate

Jessica Greathouse - Account Service Lead

Kelly Woodward - Account Service Manager

Tony Fanizzi - Content Marketing Lead

Leah Chalet - Chief Operations Officer

Chris Baldwin - Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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