DAP Products Success Story

Expanding Brand and New Product Awareness Among New and Existing Audiences


DAP® Products, a building products brand that’s well-known by DIYers, wanted to grow revenue among professional contractors and earn shelf space at lumber dealers and window/door distributors.


True Digital was asked to help DAP grow awareness and generate industry-wide demand for the QUICKKIT®, a new product that simplifies external door installation. More specifically, True had to address the challenge of marketing to audiences across two-step and three-step distribution, in addition to other target audiences.


Identifying the three primary audiences – dealers, contractors and DIYers – True mapped out a communications plan that would connect with buyers at various stages of the marketing funnel using content and incentives to pull them closer to the point of purchase. True Digital created a microsite to support the campaign with audience-specific automated email workflows to send tailored messaging to those who expressed interest in the QUICKKIT. In addition, a YouTube ad series continues to support awareness and lead generation.

The Results:

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The Results:

Started in July 2018, this is an ongoing campaign. The results as of July 2020 include:
total leads
Dealer-submitted leads
56% and 58%
email open rates among DIYers and contractors respectively, well above the construction industry’s 14.4% average email open rate
people purchased the product and redeemed the $50 rebate
Capabilities Utilized:
Email Marketing and Automation
Content Development
Microsite Development
Communications Strategy
Digital Advertising

Sample Emails: 


DAP Influencer Success Story

Leveraging Influencer Marketing to Become a Trusted Product Among New Audiences


DAPⓇ Products, an established building products brand among DIYers, was struggling to gain traction with building products’ dealers and contractors. Earning industry leaders’ approval was important for their QUICKKITⓇ product line’s success. A major obstacle was the perception that the brand is only for DIYers.


In overcoming this perception and increasing awareness of the brand’s professional line of products, DAP had an opportunity to increase the QUICKKIT’s market share and profitability.


To help build trust with dealers and contractors, the True team established a relationship with a highly regarded industry influencer. The goal was to allow a known influencer to tell the QUICKKIT story to their followers. Through a product placement video, the influencer hosted a product demonstration of how to use the QUICKKIT on the job site, making the product a real-life asset to any installer.

The Results:

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The video initially launched on January 8th, 2019. Over time, the video has been seen by over 300k people.
A testimonial from a customer who mentioned the video as the reason they tried the product
Capabilities Utilized:
Communications Strategy

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